Ucop Business Associate Agreement

HIPAA regulations require that the university, as a covered entity, have a matching agreement (“BA agreement”) when a non-academic person or organization provides the university with services involving the use or disclosure of the university`s PHI. HIPAA requires that agreements with counterparties contain specific provisions. The university has HIPAA-BA agreements that should be used whenever a counterparty agreement is required. The use of PHIThe Business Associate shall not use, access or disclose the information, except in accordance with the agreement approved or required or required by BAA law. The consideration limits, as far as possible, its use, access or disclosure to the minimum necessary to achieve the objective of this use, access or disclosure. Appendix – Data Security (“APP DS”) Attached to an agreement when a third party creates, stores, manages, uses or transmits UC information or when a third party receives non-public or protected information. Commercial contracts (orders, independent consulting contracts, professional service contracts, etc.) will be processed on site and your best source of assistance will also be local. In the event of contact of assistance: If UCSF finds that a counterparty has violated a clause or a substantial obligation of basharia, the service that is party to the agreement and/or the UCSF data protection delegate at 415-353-2750 are informed and try to correct the infringement or, if this is not possible, to terminate the contract with the counterparty. Violations committed by a trading partner can also be reported by UCSF to the UC HIPAA Compliance Office, the Secretary of the Department of Health and Health Services (DHHS) and/or the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). Note: If any of the links are damaged, please find the latest versions of all agreements on the UC Systemwide Forms – Documents page. If you have any questions about the need for a BA agreement in a given situation, please contact your campus data protection representative. For UCCE/County assistance agreements, please contact Ryan Harms at (510) 987-0696 or ryan.harms@ucop.edu before preparing an agreement with the following models or distributing it outside of UCR. APPENDIX HIPPA BA (PDF) Attached to an agreement if a trading partner has access to or uses or discloses protected health information (PHI), or performs functions covered by HIPAA.

It is UCOP policy that the university asks third parties to agree and sign the university`s HIPAA BA. Administrative policies and business contracts (APBC) are responsible for business management and work in the most flexible way possible to support and not hinder NRO programs. The verification and enforcement process is generally relatively fast, but it can sometimes take a long time due to the nature of cooperation with different agencies to ensure that all parties comply with their guidelines and that each party agrees with the terms of the contract. The length of time an agreement is verified and executed may vary depending on the complexity of the terms. Data used in searches that would be personally identifiable, but are not considered PHI and are therefore not subject to data protection and hipaa security rules.

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