Sample Child Support Agreement Letter Philippines

If you are married, you also have parental authority over the child and you can have physical custody more easily than if you were not married. Please do not let the child use a surname other than what is written on his birth certificate. He will have many, many problems if he does. If your son was born during your marriage, the son has left your husband and you can ask for help. Hello, it was a good thing that I found your contribution when I was looking for answers to my problems. My son`s father is a Korean who lives here in the Philippines. He used to support our son well, but now it`s become insufficient and incoherent. I would like to file a complaint, but I`m afraid he`ll stop supporting my son all together, because that`s it. I am unemployed because he told me that I did not need to work and take care of our son.

He`s also in a relationship and he`s got a child on the way. He blocked my number, so we can`t communicate properly. He also often transfers apartments. What is the best thing I can legally do for him to support our son consistently? My son is going to start school this year. In fact, he is a businessman. He always says he has no money, but his actions and his girlfriend`s Facebook posts prove otherwise. Thank you very much. I don`t know what you mean by “petition for child care”? For childcare, she starts first at Barangay and DSWD.

Hi all! My case is that it`s been a month since my son`s father was born, he`s a black American from L.A., he`s not, he`s not giving enough support, and not on time, even though I asked in advance. It started when I was pregnant, he complains because he does because I left it in Manila, well, I have a big reason why I did it, but I think my son would not suffer. When I was six months pregnant, he was pregnant again. The support was unreliable. It is at 2,000php to 2,500 every two weeks or sometimes but…. Sometimes it takes a month that I could take because my son was not yet born. Unfortunately, by the time I was at work, he did not give an amount that he sent 2500 more when the child already has 5 days.

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