How Noni came to Nigeria

On retirement after serving the nation for forty years in the military, I visited the Island of Trinidad and Tobago where my wife comes from in early 2007 just to holiday and rest. I realized her 3 senior sisters who were 8,6 and 4 years older than her were looking younger. They had such beautiful smooth skin too and were healthier, and more vibrant. I asked? “What do you people eat in this place that you are looking so vibrant?” They said, “We don’t have stress here. This is an island and we just have fun”. I said fine.

But I noticed that every day, first thing in the morning, they go to this Noni tree by the house where they had a pot hanging. They would take out some juice, add half a teaspoon of honey and fill the glass with water and drink.

I watched them carefully for about a week and asked myself, ‘why is it that they drink this juice so religiously?’ So, I asked for a drink and noticed that in a matter of 45mins I had a burst of energy. I knew such only came from that drink since I had not taken any breakfast. So I jokingly told them that I had discovered the secret of their youth and vibrant beauty.

Although I knew nothing of the value of the fruit, somehow the Lord laid it on my mind that this fruit was medicinal so I decided to take some of the dry seeds and juice which by inspiration I labelled “Noni + Honey – take 2 table spoon full 3 times a day”. That was how I was allowed to take the juice on board my flight as my medication and brought it home.

The seeds germinated six months later and it was then that I had the urge to read about the plant. I discovered that I had a herbal treasure in my hands. The rest they say is history. I am proud to say that after 9 years of painstaking research and hard work, those few seeds have transformed into 3 extensive farms totaling 40 hectares and a vibrant Noni industry in Nigeria.

I am grateful to Almighty God for opening my eyes to this miracle plant. He also gave me the perception, vision, drive and determination to establish the first Noni industry in Nigeria. It is my desire to help humanity with this gift and I welcome all to join me in that mission.

God bless you all.

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