Noni and it’s 101 Medical Uses

A variety of beverages (juice drinks), powders (from dried ripe or unripe fruits), cosmetic products (lotions, soaps), oil (from seeds), leaf powders (for encapsulation or pills) have been introduced into the consumer market.

Noni is sometimes called a “starvation fruit”, implying it was used by indigenous peoples as emergency food during times of famine. Despite its strong smell and bitter taste, the fruit was nevertheless eaten as a famine food, and, in some Pacific Islands, even as a staple food, either raw or cooked. Southeast Asians and Australian Aborigines consume the fruit raw with salt or cook it with curry. The seeds are edible when roasted. In Thai cuisine, the leaves (known as bai-yo) are used as a green vegetable and are the main ingredient of kaeng bai-yo, cooked with coconut milk. The fruit (luk-yo) is added as a salad ingredient to some versions of somtam.

Noni and it's 101 Medical Uses. Order yours Today.
Noni and it’s 101 Medical Uses

tntVirginNoni juice is a nutrient rich juice extracted from Noni fruit (Morinda Citrifolia) found throughout the tropical islands of the South Pacific ocean. The tropical plant which is known to have 101 medicinal uses has been used for over 2000 years by the Pacific islanders, the Indian mainland and the Polynesian countries. Noni juice is recognized as one of nature’s super foods as it is rich in vitamins, minerals, phyto-chemicals, amino acids, antioxidants and enzymes.


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Dr. Mona Harrison received her medical training at the University of Maryland, Harvard University and the Boston University Medical Centers. She is the former assistant dean of the Boston University School of Medicine and former chief medical officer at the Washington, D.C. General Hospital. She currently specializes in pediatrics and family medicine. I have a real variety of patients who have benefitted from Tahitian Noni juice, and it would seem to many people that something magical is happening here because it affects so many bodily systems. But there is a very scientific explanation for how something so simple, just a juice, can have such widespread effects. Ancient manuscripts call the different glands in the body seals, and by a seal, we mean something which opens and closes. Ancient medical literature states that the glands actually operate according to frequency, a term which is becoming very popular these days in nuclear and quantum physics. The frequency of the glands was known thousands of years ago, but we have forgotten much of this information. In ancient terms, the pineal gland was called the sixth seal or sixth gland of the body. We have recently discovered that it stimulates two major hormones called serotonin and melatonin. The pineal gland controls the five other glands below it which are the thyroid which produces thyroxine to energize our cells, the thymus which protects you against infections and cancer, the pancreas which is involved with blood sugar and secreting the hormone insulin, the adrenal gland which responds every time you are under stress; and the first gland is the male and female sex organs and their hormones. Therefore restoring the sixth gland, the pineal gland, will have an impact on all those other glands and their functions in the body. When the pineal gland is at its peak performance, it turns a golden colour and emits a black juice as well as a golden oil. That black juice would be the melanin colour of the organs and every other area of the body which has a pigment. It happens that Noni juice mimics the secretion coming from the pineal gland, and in fact acts as a precursor to it, building it up and allowing it to function fully. Noni juice has a black colour, very similar to the melanin that gives colour or pigment to each one of our organs. Every place our body contains this pigment will be affected by Noni juice. The back of the eye has a black area called the macula which is pigmented with melanin. That is the area the light hits when your eye opens. Many people have difficulty with blindness because they no longer make that beautiful colour in that spot. We have noted the Noni juice makes the macula generate more pigment and the cells begin to return to normal, and the blindness reverses itself. In the brain, that black stain is found in an area of the mid-brain called the substantia nigra, nigra standing for black. Diseases related to that area occur when it no longer receives pigment and begins to deteriorate. Diseases in this category are multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease. Appropriate function of the pineal gland is important in restoring those cells, and we are seeing patients reversing some of their neurological problems because the Noni juice is stimulating the production of chemicals essential to those areas of the brain. The pancreas is also affected by Noni juice: the blood sugar and blood pressure begin to normalize. The pineal gland affects the different organs all the way down to the first glands, the male and female sex organs, and people are noticing for example that their prostate glands are beginning to shrink down to normal size once they have been on the Noni juice for a short period of time. Women who have problems with their uterus or with fibroids etc. are noticing that the fibroids are beginning to disappear, that their menstruation is beginning to normalize, they have less cramps and their bleeding problems become more in balance.


The benefits of noni juice. This information was extracted from an internet article by Dr. Gerson who has practiced medicine in Manhattan for the last 15 years. He is uniquely educated, having received his M.D. from Mount Sinai Medical School in New York, and his doctorate in ayurvedic medicine in India. He is currently teaching new medical doctors at some of the most prestigious medical schools in America about alternative approaches in medicine. Several months ago, he addressed the United Nations on “the state of herbs in the world today”. Research at the University of Hawaii’s Biomedical Sciences Department showed that extracts of noni contained a naturally occurring component which activates serotonin receptors in the brain and throughout the body. Serotonin is an important brain neurotransmitter, and plays a significant role in temperature regulation, sleep, hunger and sexual behaviour. Serotonin deficiency has been implicated in a number of pathological conditions including migraine headaches, obesity, depression and Alzheimer’s disease. Natural products like Morinda citrafolia in its unprocessed complete form do not generally have adverse effects. The presence of a wide range of other naturally occurring substances which are present in some way regulates and modifies its effects. Research at the University of Metz in France, demonstrated the central analgesic activity of noni to alleviate pain of many types. Moderate doses of noni was measured to be about 75% as effective as an equivalent dose of morphine sulfate. Various parts of the Morinda citrafolia tree contains several different varieties of bitter plant compounds known as anthraquinones. Anthraquinones are also particularly effective against many forms of Staphylococcus, a major cause of many skin infections which sometimes infect the valves of the heart. Furthermore anthraquinones in noni prompt the digestive secretions of the stomach and small intestines, stimulate bile flow and promote the activity of the entire digestive process. However, it is the activity of one specific anthraquinone, damnacanthal which has been shown in vitro to actually reverse cancer cell proliferation at the gene level. The research has demonstrated that one isolated component found in noni fruit turned off the signal for tumour cells to proliferate. The study was reported in 1993 from a very reputable laboratory in Kao University in Yokohama, Japan.

Dr Neil Solomon’s Article on Noni’s Benefit.

Noni Juice Benefits ‐ Dr Neil Solomon
The following are an excerpts taken from the book The Noni Phenomenon, by Dr. Neil Solomon, who is
considered a recognized leader in medical nutrition and nutraceuticals, and is one the foremost experts
on Noni (Morinda citrifolia).
Neil Solomon, M.D., Ph.D.
Author of “Noni Juice The Tropical Fruit with 101 Medicinal Uses”
Chairman, Health and Science Research Center, Non‐Government
Organization of the United Nations Former CNN‐TV
Health Commentator
New York Times Best‐Selling Author
Maryland’s First Secretary of Health and Mental Hygiene
Johns Hopkins Trained Physician Preface Since 1997
I (Dr. Neil Solomon) have researched the scientific evidence and field studies involving the island fruit
Noni to uncover its secrets as a medicinal agent. I logged many hours digging through case studies and
reports from doctors and other experts, and analyzed reports from an array of clinical trials. I also
interviewed more than 50 doctors and other health professionals who had compiled data that
collectively represented over 10,000 people who had used or were using Noni.
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As I was collecting these data, one of the questions that I continually came back to was: “How can Noni
possibly help so many people with so many diverse health problems? What was its secret?” I concluded
that, indeed, it does not help everyone ‐‐ and it does not help with all health problems. However, on an
average, 78 percent of the more than 10,000 Noni users in our survey reported that it helped in some
way, including fighting cancer, heart disease, digestive disorders, diabetes, autoimmune disorders,
stroke, weight problems, and skin and hair problems. This booklet provides an overview of my findings.
Introduction ‐ Dr. Neil Solomon Noni (Morinda Citrifolia) is a fruit with extraordinary healing properties
that most North Americans have never heard of. It’s been successfully used for over 2,000 years in
Polynesia, China, India and elsewhere. Noni migrated with the inhabitants to the South Pacific islands,
Tahiti, Hawaii, Malaysia ‐ and wherever there is pollution‐free volcanic soil. Like Aloe Vera, Kelp, Papaya,
PycnogenolTM; and other botanicals, the extract of the Noni plant has been demonstrated to improve a
wide variety of health conditions.
Noni (Morinda Citrifolia) is a fruit with extraordinary healing properties that most North Americans have
never heard of. It’s been successfully used for over 2,000 years in Polynesia, China, India and elsewhere.
Noni migrated with the inhabitants to the South Pacific islands, Tahiti, Hawaii, Malaysia ‐ and wherever
there is pollution‐free volcanic soil. Like Aloe Vera, Kelp, Papaya, PycnogenolTM; and other botanicals,
the extract of the Noni plant has been demonstrated to improve a wide variety of health conditions.
For use in the United States, the Noni fruit is prepared primarily as a food supplement in juice form.
Although the plant is very bitter and has an adverse odor, the noni juice supplement is very palatable in
taste and smell because of the addition of natural fruit and berry juices…..
Noni’s Miraculous Health Benefits
Research indicates that Noni stimulates the immune system, regulating cell function and cellular
regeneration of damaged cells. The fact that Noni seems to operate on the very basic and critical cellular
level may explain why it’s useful for a wide variety of conditions. Dr. Richard Dicks, a clinician from New
Jersey, says, “We’re beginning to realize that we must get back to basics with our bodies. What it boils
down to is, either burn nutrients or burn your body. Noni saves our bodies by giving us the nutrients we
Actually, it has over a hundred primary and secondary applications. This booklet will focus mainly on the
primary uses. It is invaluable as a healing herb because of the following functions, which will all be
discussed in more detail:
Increases body energy.
Alleviates pain.
Acts as anti‐inflammatory and anti‐histaminic agent.
Has antibacterial properties that can protect against digestive and heart damage.
Works with melatonin and serotonin to help regulate sleep, temperature and mood cycles.
Inhibits pre‐cancer function and growth of cancer tumors.
Research The following table contains statistical analysis of the data, including both primary and
secondary applications, that I obtained from surveying more than 50 doctors and other health
professionals who had taken Noni and/or given it to over 10,000 patients. It depicts the number of
people who drank Juice for 23 different conditions, the percentage that were helped, and the primary
active components (PAC) believed to be involved. It is my belief that although the PAC is the major
component, it is the total blend of all natural ingredients that result in Noni’s optimal health
Conditions Helped With Noni
[supsystic-tables id=’2′]
*Pooled percentage of people who experienced objective and/or subjective improvement of their signs
and/or symptoms after taking noni. The majority of noni users who did not get optimal results failed to
do so because they took a lesser dose and/or took it a lesser amount of time than recommended in the
table below.
Overview of Noni’s Primary Applications
According to Steven Hall, M.D., of the state of Washington, another physician whom I interviewed and
who is a Noni juicer: “Not only does Noni provide many benefits on its own, but it also increases the
effectiveness of other treatments.” He has found that It is incredible because it offers help to people
who could not be helped by traditional medical science.”
Increased effectiveness and an alternative treatment to drugs are just two of the reasons that Noni is
such a valuable herb. Hall’s results were consistent with the previously reported positive response from
78 percent of Noni users. Noni also has the following characteristics:
It works synergistically with other food supplements and/or medications.
It probably helps with prevention, and works optimally in conjunction with other antioxidants.
It helps animals heal faster.
Dr. Schechter, director of the Natural Healing Institute in California, reports that there has been a wealth
of information supporting the traditional uses and health benefits of Noni. His work supports what the
Kahunas (traditional healers in Hawaii) have known and used beneficially for thousands of years. He
confirmed in an interview that the positive results obtained by physicians using Noni were consistent
with the results obtained by naturopathic clinicians. Dr. Schechter has treated hundreds of patients with
noni and has been very impressed with the variety of illnesses that responded to Noni.
‐It stimulates the production of T‐cells in the immune system. T‐cells play a pivotal role in fighting
‐It acts to enhance the immune system involving macrophages and/or lymphocytes, which are a vital
part of your body’s natural defenses.
‐It has been shown to combat many types of bacteria.
‐It has unique anti‐pain effects.
‐It inhibits pre‐cancer function and the growth of cancer tumors by allowing abnormal cells to function
more normally.
Dr. Schechter states, “As a clinical therapist, I have seen Noni generate significant, even profound,
therapeutic benefits for both prevention and self‐help of a wide range of health problems.”
From Dr. Schechter’s list and from the information provided by the other professionals with whom I
communicated, I have determined the primary application categories, which are discussed in the
following overview. Though there are many other valuable uses of Noni, as the charts show, only those
with the most support have been included.
Reference: This material was taken from the book “The Noni Phenomenon” by Dr. Neil Solomon, M.D.,

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