Gen Mrs. Martins OsahorMajor General Martin Chukudi Osahor (Rtd) and Mrs. Patricia Osahor, on behalf of the Wellness Team,
welcome you to the t&t Virgin Noni® family.

OUR MISSION is to help our clients to build beautiful bodies and healthy lifestyles using products of the Super-fruit (NONI) and other nature’s endowment of healthy food plants and herbal supplements.

VISION: is to make t&t Virgin Noni® the #1 health supplement for busy executives in West Africa.


VALUES: At t&t Virgin Noni® we are focused on providing our clients with highly potent, freshly bottled, guaranteed 100% pure NONI juice which they can trust to improve their health, well-being and life expectancy at highly competitive prices.

OUR BUSINESS MODEL is to market t&t Virgin Noni® by direct sales to consumers through volume discounts and bonuses to zonal and regional distributors.

We are also providing opportunity to create wealth and financial freedom for our clients through participation in network marketing.

t&t Virgin Noni® is Nature’s Gift to enhance and protect your health.

We welcome you to the world of the Super Fruit (a.k.a. The Magic Plant) and trust that no matter your age and state of health and well-being, t&t Virgin Noni® will help tune up your body systems and rejuvenate you.

God Bless You.

General Noni
For The Wellness Team T&T Virgin Noni